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Livestock Minerals Series: Tub And Block Feeding

Tub and Block Feeding Systems

A single cow stands alone in a fieldConvenient, economical and proven nutrient supplements for livestock.

Livestock farmers often choose tub or block supplements to provide additional nutrients to grazing cattle. According to researchers at Texas A&M University, tub and block supplements continue to gain popularity with livestock producers because they are easy to store, require little labor and equipment, and because with tub and block supplements, consumption is self-limiting.

With the economical Southern States tub and block feeding systems, you won't waste money by feeding cattle too much on your farm. No additional salt is required. Because calves, yearlings, brood cows and bulls require different levels of protein, vitamins, minerals and energy, we offer a wide variety of tubs, blocks & livestock supplies to meet every nutritional need.

As a farmer-owned cooperative, Southern States understands that your livestock operation is unique. We're constantly researching and developing advanced tub and block feeding supplement formulations to meet your needs year-round for optimum animal performance and profitability. Our feeding systems are designed to make the best use of your forage. They provide balanced nutrition that aids in growth, reproduction and milk production, and they help maintain livestock body condition.

Take a look at the tub and block supplements below and then talk to your Southern States feed representative or local dealer for more information on what tubs or blocks may be best for your operation.

Southern States Weathershed® Supplement Tubs

Southern States Weathershed Supplement Tubs include the 25% Maxi Cattle, the 24% Beef Block, the 20% Natural Cattle Block, the 12% Beef Block with Hi-Mag and the 20% Cattle Breeder with Availa-4®. These supplements are available in 200-pound and 125-pound sizes and are designed for self-limiting intake for pasture supplementation through free-choice feeding. With no losses due to weather conditions, cattle consume the entire supplement and no additional protection or feeders are needed. Weathershed tubs are available in various formulas to meet different cattle conditions and needs, including 5-percent added fat for energy in the 25% Maxi and 20% Natural tubs and 7-percent fat in the 20% Cattle Breeder Tub.

Southern States Pressed Supplement Blocks

Southern States Pressed Supplement Blocks include the 20% Hi-Mag Breeder Block, the 20% Cattle Breeder Block, the 37% Cattle Supplement Block and the Hi-Mag Block. These blocks come in easy-to-handle 33 1/3 pound sizes that can be fed in troughs, on the ground or in mineral feeders. The blocks' salt levels and hardness help control intake to ensure proper amounts of feed are consumed on a free-choice basis. Southern States Pressed Supplement Blocks encourage forage intake and aid in improving body condition and reproduction. The livestock blocks are formulated in different fat, magnesium and protein levels to match your needs and are high in minerals and vitamins to complement forage.

Southern States Weathershed® Mineral Tubs

Southern States Weathershed Tubs are available plain, with Altosid® or with Tasco® in 125-pound tubs. Weathershed Tubs are weatherproof and eliminate the need for a mineral feeder or shelter, and livestock farmers can move them quickly and easily. Mineral tubs with Altosid provide horn fly control, and tubs with Tasco help reduce fescue issues.

Pressed Mineral Blocks for Cattle

Our pressed mineral blocks include the Fly Stop Mineral Block with Altosid® 50 Pound, the Cattle Block Ru-Min Medicated 33 1/3 Pound and the General Purpose Mineral Block 50 Pound. These blocks provide complete mineral supplementation in an easy-to-handle pressed block form. They can be fed to livestock in feeders, troughs or on the ground. The Fly Stop Mineral Block with Altosid controls horn fly in beef and dairy cattle, and the Cattle Block Ru-Min Medicated includes Rumensin® for increased rate of gain on beef cattle and dairy heifers.*

*CAUTION: Do NOT feed to horses.

Altosid® is a registered trademark of Wellmark International. Rumensin® is a registered trademark for Elanco's brand of monensin sodium. AVAILA-4® is a registered trademark of Zinpro Corporation. Tasco® is a registered trademark of Acadian Agritech, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. Weathershed® is a registered trademark of Southern States Cooperative, Inc.

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