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Southern Cooking Recipes

Southern beef stew recipeSouthern cooking conjures up all sorts of delicious memories – visions of big, breezy front porches and spacious outdoor gatherings with lots of food and family. Favorite family recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation take center stage at every gathering. When you think about it, southern recipes are as much a collection of classic food dishes as they are about a way of life.

When family and friends join together for a big meal celebrating life's special moments, food is the guest of honor. Whether it's Grandma's blueberry jam on a slice of freshly baked bread, apple cake baked after an excursion to the apple orchard, or a deep fried turkey heralding in the first frost of the season, time treasured recipes are what link one generation of family to the next.

What qualifies as a southern recipe? Historically speaking, the cuisines that shape this genre originated south of the Mason Dixon line throughout history with influences from the Native American, English, African American, Irish, Scottish, German, French, and Spanish cuisines.

Although there is no one single type of cooking throughout the South, abundant meals featuring fresh produce from southern farms and regional seasonings that celebrate our southern heritage make up this patchwork quilt of comfort food.

Southern Cooking Recipes

If you are looking for some great southern recipes to add to your favorite southern fare, give these a try:

At Southern States, we understand that comfort and food go hand in hand. That's why we stock up on all the cooking equipment that you need to create those treasured recipes. From home canning supplies, grills & everything else you need to host the next family cookout, we have it all. Trust the Southern States family to have what your family needs.