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Best Management Practices for Producing High Corn Yields

by Southern States
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Taking full advantage of the yield potential of your corn requires using all of the tools you have at your disposal in order to meet plant needs.

Stress and other environmental concerns can cause the crop to lose yield, so staying ahead of these perils pays off. In addition, learning everything you can about how the corn grows and develops helps you to understand what the plant requires —and when and why. Read our full article on the subject and feel free to share your questions below or with our local specialists.

Another good way to stay on track for high yields is to set a goal. You should set an actual numeric goal, not just an open-ended objective to produce more. Studying past issues and anticipating how the results would change based on different actions can help solidify your end target.

Dewey Lee, Professor and Extension Grains Agronomist at the University of Georgia, recommends looking back to get better in the future. “Review any mistakes made last year and ask yourself, ‘Why would I lose yield because of that?’. Study the why, and determine what you must do in order for that mistake not to happen again.”

After a specific bushel per acre goal has been set, gather the tools you need in order to achieve it. “All growers have the potential to consistently produce high-yielding corn; the key to doing so is applying information correctly to try and get better,” Lee advises.

How have you set yield goals for yourself, and have you been successful? Share with us below!

Have questions for our experts about planning for your crops? Our specialists will be glad to help!

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