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How To Prepare Your Livestock for Show Season

by Southern States
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Showing livestock through 4-H or FFA teaches us great responsibility and work ethic. Raising livestock for show can teach something even more important that we often lose sight of as technology becomes an increasing part of our lives – patience!

Feeding Your Show Animal

Design your feed program to ensure your animal reaches the desired weight for the show. If you're interested in learning more about the Club Master show feeds we have to help you get the best results, reach out to your local store and/or feed specialist.

Show Preparation

To win the blue ribbon, you’ve got to spend some time with your show animals.

  • Halter breaking – This is where the patience really comes in. Go slowly. Get your animal(s) used to the halter first, and then work up slowly to tying them up. Start with 30 minutes and work up to a few hours as they learn.
  • Teach them to lead – This is the time to reward your animal. By not applying continuous pressure and rewarding them by releasing the pressure, you are teaching them to lead. Don’t overwhelm them – start in a small area and move up as they get more comfortable.
  • Ring prep – Practice, practice, practice. Train your livestock to stand correctly, set the front feet in line with shoulders and back feet following suit. A show stick can help.

Importance of Coat Care

You’ve got a list of things you need to do elsewhere on the farm - but don’t rush off just yet. Take a few minutes to work on conditioning the coat of your livestock. It will calm both of you after your practices. The result will be a healthier looking coat and a better conditioned animal. A well cared-for coat also helps to hide any imperfections.


Your animal isn’t the only one competing in the ring. This is a team event! Dress the part, speak confidently to the judges and above all stay relaxed. If you are calm and confident - your animal will reflect that attitude and perform well.

How have your show animals taught you patience in the ring? Share your stories with us below or on our Facebook page.

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