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Lawn Care and Repair Tips for Improvements

by Southern States
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If your lawn is in great condition, but there are just a few spots that need repairing, you can fix it yourself! There are several techniques to repairing your lawn: patching with seed or sod as well as over-seeding the entire lawn can all achieve the same end result. Here are some great tips for repairing your lawn.

Patching bare spots throughout your yard is not difficult to do. As with any lawn care project, preparing the soil is key. With a small rake, smooth out the bare soil and remove any rocks. Add a granular fertilizer, such as Southern States Premium Lawn Food, and work it into the area.

For patching troublesome areas with seed, use the same seed type as the rest of the lawn and sow the seed thickly in the repair site. Cover with a thin layer of straw to discourage birds and maintain soil moisture. Water the site often to encourage germination. For best results, cut the new grass once it reaches three inches in length - this encourages healthy root growth.

If you choose to repair patches with sod, work the area and make sure the soil surface is approximately one inch below the surface of your established lawn. This is an important step that will ensure the new sod will be level with the rest of the grass. Cut the sod and position it firmly in the prepped area making sure the edges fit tightly against the existing grass; water often.

Over-seeding is a common approach to repairing your lawn. Prepare the bare spots as instructed above. Mow your lawn as short as possible without causing damage to the existing grass. Using a spreader, sow the grass seed throughout the lawn following the manufacturer's guidelines. Add extra seed to the repair site. Lightly water the area often to promote germination.

Whichever method you choose, you can achieve great results using these lawn repair tips. For your lawn and garden needs, count on your local Southern States for the tools and know-how to help you get the job done.

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