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Mineral Supplementation Benefits for Beef Cattle

by Southern States
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A mineral supplementation program can greatly improve the health and profitability of your beef cattle operation. The right combination of nutrition can help you improve conception rates, increase weaning rates, increase profitability, improve nutrition and provide a better immune system response.  Although minerals make up a small amount of the dry matter your beef cattle consume on a daily basis, they can have a huge impact on how well your herd performs.

To determine the appropriate mineral supplementation for your herd, consider the time of year, the cattle types in your heard and the nutrient levels of your forage. Our specialists can assist you with determining these key considerations and recommending the best minerals to use for your herd.

If your general goal is to maintain a healthy herd, Cattleman’s Pride Weathershed Beef Breeder provides your herd with every major mineral they need for steady growth, weight gain and improvement of reproductive performance. 

When your herd is in need of special treatment, we offer several minerals with medicated feed additives such as Rumensin®, Bovatec® and Chlortetracycline (CTC).  Rumensin (used in Cattle Ru-Min 1200 Medicated) and Bovatec (used in Bov-A-Min Extra Mineral Medicated) are both designed to promote growth and improve feed efficiency by 5-7%.  CTC, which can be found in Cattleman’s Pride Graze-N-Gain CTC Mineral, is designed to prevent and treat a variety of cattle disease and ailments.

For preventing grass tetany and potential magnesium deficit issues, we suggest feeding Mag-O-Min or other High Mag Mineral products prior to and during tetany season. 

To help decrease the fly population at your facility use a feed through mineral supplement, Cattleman’s Pride Weathershed® Beef Breeder Mineral w/Altosid works by passing the product through the cattle’s manure, thus halting the fly life cycle. 

Not sure which mineral is best for your herd? Visit your local Southern States store and share your questions with us below any time.

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