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Agronomy Insights: Winter 2015-16

Ag Technology in Tractor

2015 Was a Year Filled with Learning

Precision farming tools help identify, measure impact of production practices.

Agronomists and producers have always known crop production practices impact success. For example, compaction diminishes yield, but exactly how many bushels does it steal? Higher plant population can produce greater yields, but at what point does the soil’s production capacity become a limiting factor? Which areas of a field benefit from high population and which areas will never produce more than an adequate yield? Where can I plant a high yield hybrid and where should I rely on a proven work horse?



Phosphorus Options Optimize Crop Performance

Strategic management of this vital nutrient can pay large dividends.

A critical nutrient, phosphorus (P) is involved in energy transfer, photosynthesis and nutrient movement within the plant as well as in the transformation of sugars and starches.

Phosphorus availability is especially important to consistent, fast seedling development and plant emergence, particularly in cold, damp soils – typical in no-till row crop production.



One Missing Nutrient Can Limit a Winning Season

Micronutrients are key players that carry the ball during important plays.

Sports fans know it takes the individual talents and specific roles of each player on a team to ensure a winning season. The same applies to crop production. Crop nutrients interact and work together during different stages of plant growth – if one is missing or deficient, plant growth will be poor, even if the other elements are abundant. Commonly known as “Law of the Minimum,” this 200-year-old concept was formulated by the German scientist Justus von Liebig.



Fertilizer Prices Down From 2015

Evaluate potential return when investing in 2016 crop nutrition.

Many growers haven’t been pricing any fertilizer lately and will likely be in for a pleasant surprise as they make plans for next spring’s crop. Since spring 2015, prices for Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potash (K) have been trending down. Several factors have moved the cost of N and K an average 10-12% lower today compared to the same time last year.



Corn Hybrid Selection, Field-by-Field

You’re Not Alone in Making the Decisions Most Critical to Maximum Corn Yields.

No two fields are identical. When producers are committed to managing every acre to reach its maximum yield capacity, correctly positioning corn hybrids is key to limiting risk and maximizing yields without increasing input costs.

The wide array of genetically diverse hybrid choices, and the fact average corn hybrid lifespan is about 2½ years, gives producers little time to test a hybrid on their own farm to be sure it’s the right fit. Without this “on farm” experience, choosing the right hybrid can be mind boggling.


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