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Agronomy Insights

Agronomy Insights: Spring 2016

Soybeans growing

Intense Soybean Program Matches Day Length, Plant Production Cycle

Growers achieve average yields from 80 to 125 bushels per acre.

As researchers and growers learn more about plant growth and productivity, new intensive management programs are being used to further increase crop yields and return per acre. Soybean growers in Georgia along with the Southern States® agronomy team are working with an intensive management program for soybeans based on matching soybean plants’ natural growth cycle to the summer’s longest days.


Farmer in healthy wheat field

Wheat: Spring Green-up Management Reminders

Strategic management of this vital nutrient can pay large dividends.

Winter wheat growers across most of the Southern States® territory experienced timely seeding and great stand establishment of the 2016 crop.

To meet the yield and profitability goals you've set for your wheat production enterprise, consider the following management reminders.


Healthy wheat

Wheat: Disease Management Deserves Attention

Year-round, holistic approach offers best results.

While their exact impact is hard to measure, a wet spring and early summer contributed to a significant incidence of wheat disease with stripe rust, head scab and wheat streak mosaic being the most prevalent in our Southeastern wheat fields.

Though wheat growers can’t control the weather, with a holistic, integrated pest management approach, yield lost to disease can be minimized. Many disease-prevention strategies are completed before the seed is in the ground.


Starting corn

Starter Fertilizer for Corn

Strong, early growth helps corn reach pollination before summer heat.

Throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast, planting corn early comes with risk. Cold temperatures and wet soils often slow germination and root exploration as well as nutrient movement to roots, all of which are needed for vigorous root development and early plant growth. Starter and pop-up fertilizers address the issue of early season nutrient availability by placing fertilizer in the soil near or with the seed.


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