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Southern States Agronomy Insights

Agronomy Insights: Summer 2016

Farmer and Specialist consulting in a field

Putting Agronomy Technology to Work

Useful Tools Help Nurture Crops for Improved Productivity.

Since around 8000 B.C. when Stone Age humankind started shifting from the hunter-gatherer way of life and becoming more dependent on cultivated crops, production methods and tools have constantly been refined to help produce more food, more efficiently.


Tractor spreading chemicals

Solutions for Summer Crop Stress

Tissue Testing and Foliar Feeding Can Offset Yield-limiting Crop Stress

Corn and soybean plants are complex living organisms that change throughout the growing season. In fact, plants and their ability to be productive can change hourly as they face growing season stressors such as extremes in soil moisture, temperature and humidity, as well as nutrient deficiency, weed pressure, insect feeding, disease, herbicide stress or any combination of these stressors.


Corn plant

Missing Nutrients Can Stand in the Way of Top Yields

Consider Mid-season Application of Sulfur in Corn, Manganese for Soybeans

A balanced fertility program based on soil samples, crop history, yield goals and hybrid/variety being planted is a sound approach for optimizing yields. However, in the quest for top yields, research has found value in supplementing nutrients during key growth stages. In-season foliar feeding also helps offset crop stresses.


Farmer and Specialst walking in Soybean crop

Scouting is Insurance to Protect Your Soybean Crop

Don’t let stealthy, unpredictable insect and disease pests steal yield.

Whether you grow conventional or double-crop soybeans, monitoring and controlling weeds, insects and diseases is vital to protect your investment and optimize returns.

Weekly, in-season crop scouting should begin as soon as the crop emerges. Control weeds when they are less than 6 inches tall, to reduce competition for nutrients and soil moisture.


Starting corn

Making the Most of 4R Nutrient Stewardship Principles

Southern States’ Agronomy Technology Programs Help You Meet these Goals.

The 4R Nutrient Stewardship concept (Right source, Right rate, Right time, Right place) is a science-based nutrient planning approach to help agriculture increase crop production, enhance environmental protection, increase farmer profitability and improve sustainability. It requires following best management practices (BMPs) to match nutrient supply with crop needs and minimize nutrient losses from fields. This concept definitely can be put into practice.


Starting corn

Pasture Management Can Start TODAY

When the weather starts warming up, people get excited about the ‘greening up’ of everything outside.

Folks with pastures are no exception but it takes a better approach than just throwing some fertilizer out there to make it really green. Remember, all that ‘spring green up’ may include weeds which may be harmful to your animals and rob profits from your wallet. But just like any other important project, the outcome is often a result of the planning and preparations made ‘behind the scenes’. Pulling soil samples, adjusting the pH and fighting the weeds all fall into the ‘pre-fertilizing preparations’ that many people forget.


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