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Southern States Agronomy Insights

Agronomy Insights: Fall 2015

Ag Technology in Tractor

Using Data to Create Next Year's Fertility Plan

How can precision ag help producers better manage nutrients

With today’s technology, growers have the opportunity to make better nutrient-management decisions than ever and increase the profitability of their operation. Still, fertility planning can be complicated and farming technology can generate mountains of data that must be analyzed and acted upon before it provides true value.



Managing Nutrient Removal

How crop removal impacts fertility plans

A crucial part of fertilization planning for row crops involves reviewing and estimating nutrient removal from the previous crop in the field. As technology evolves, more growers are finding that precision agriculture methods can complement traditional methods and increase a field’s profitability.



Precision Ag Top Five Technologies

Our fall 2015 update looks at the latest tools for growers.

As agriculture continues to be revolutionized by new precision ag technologies, savvy growers know they have to stay on top of the latest developments and how those developments might benefit their operations.

With Marlin Melander, Precision Ag Program Planner at Southern States Cooperative, we take a look at some of the industry's hot topics as well as how farmers can get a return on investment.



Precision Ag Services Price Structure and Costs

Growers who are considering expanding their precision ag programs often have this critical question: "What's this going to cost me?"

When it comes to pricing for precision ag services, however, there's no standardized answer because there are an almost infinite number of variables involved. These include a farmer's comfort level with the technology and where he's at in his precision ag efforts - not to mention his future goals, where the farm is located, the size of operation and a number of other factors.



Do You Have a Wheat Management Plan?

The ultimate goal is to mitigate plant stress and retain yield! A healthy plant has a better chance of meeting its full potential at harvest if it does not “want” for anything during each growth stage. Know the growth stages, what the plant needs at each stage and properly time applications of fertilizers, pesticides and other inputs to allow maximum use by the plant.


Video: Together Through Time by John Deer Financial

Together Through Time with John Deere Financial

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