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Southern States Hay and Pasture Guide

Southern States® Hay and Pasture Guide

Download the complete Hay and Pasture GuideForage is the most important element to any animal's diet - whether cattle or horses. This guide is intended to lead you, the livestock or horse owner, in the right direction when selecting quality hays and grasses for your animals. We've also provided information that will assist you in growing your own hay. Based on the area that you live in - different types of forages will be grown due to soil make-up and climate.

Southern States® is committed to providing quality nutrition for our customers' horses and livestock in order to maximize their health and performance. We hope that this hay and pasture guide will be a good resource in planning the diet rations for your animals. If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to contact one of our feed representatives or agronomists.

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A high quality pasture not only supplies your horse and cattle with good forage, it provides them with a natural and healthy environment for exercise and rest. It helps you control feed costs.

Fall is the best time to plant, fertilize and lime a cool-season pasture. Late spring and early summer are the best time for a warm-season pasture. The proper timing for establishment is very important in developing the proper root system for providing the best forage for your horse over the growing season.

Once a pasture is established with a strong root system, it ultimately means less reseeding and rebuilding in the future. In other words, less work for you.

Download the Forage Quick Reference Guide

Hay and Pasture Guide at a Glance

Healthy Pastures Begin with Southern States

For a High Quality Pasture, ask the Experts at Southern States

Southern States products and services can help you grow a healthier, more nutrient-rich pasture, because our employees are thoroughly trained with the agronomic skills necessary for pasture management.

From soil testing to seed mixes, to optimum spray protectants to fencing, Southern States is the supplier of choice when it comes to pasture management.

Learn more about growing healthy pastures with Southern States

Do It Yourself Pasture Weed Control

Weeds are the Enemy of Any Good Pasture

Weeds take valuable nutrients and water from the very plants we encourage to grow. Some are even toxic and present a real threat to your horses. Appearance, horse safety and economics are three good reasons to get those pasture weeds under control.

Many horse owners attempt to combat weeds by mowing or using a garden hoe, but both of these methods are ineffective in the long term. The only real way to stop the spread of weeds is by using spray herbicides.

Learn more about do-it-yourself pasture weed control

Progressive Farming Options to Boost Performance

Increase Your Pasture's Potential

Revolutionary technological advancements now can change the way crops are managed. When put to work in the field, these options make more nutrients available. When these nutrients become available to the crop, the potential yield increases — as do potential profits.

Learn more about Progressive Farming Options

Forage Replacement

Be Prepared

Weather-related situations can arise that make quality grass and quality hays hard to come by. How do you replace the forage requirements in your herd’s diet if sufficient grass and hay are unavailable?

Learn more about Forage Replacement


Trust the Professionals

At Southern States we pride ourselves on providing personal, friendly solutions to your hay and pasture needs. We’re also proud to introduce you to our team of expert Agronomists available throughout our territory to help you with all of your forage concerns. Our Agronomists are educated and trained to provide the best in technical expertise. They can help you design a forage program tailored specifically for your animals’ needs and help with pasture management.

Learn more about the professionals at Southern States

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