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Southern States Cover Crop Resource Guide

2017 Cover Crop Resource Guide (PDF)

Southern States carries a full line of cover crop products to fit any situation, including pre-mixes, individual species and custom mixes.
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Hay and Pasture Guide

Hay & Pasture Guide

Forage is the most important element to any animal’s diet - whether cattle or horses. This guide is intended to lead you, the livestock or horse owner, in the right direction when selecting quality hays and grasses for your animals. We’ve also provided information that will assist you in growing your own hay.
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Southern States Soybean Manual

2016 Soybean Manual

As long as you can remember, Southern States has been providing you and your family with proven, high-quality seed for your farming needs. We recognize the time and effort invested into your crops. That's why we insist each of our seed varieties goes through a rigorous and thorough process, ensuring that only the best seed makes it onto your fields.
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Wheat Varieties Catalog

2016-17 Wheat Varieties Catalog

To ensure a profitable wheat harvest, you need a soft red winter variety you can plant with confidence. Southern States has developed, through intensive research and testing, wheat varieties with the best seed size, standability, disease resistance and yield potential.
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Dairy Milk Replacers

New Dairy Milk Replacers

New Dairy Milk Replacers from Southern States. Complete and balanced nutrition to nourish your herd, featuring a variety of technologies including Bovatec® and Rumensin®, Clarify® and more.
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Dry Cow Reference Guide

Revitalize™ Dry Cow Reference Guide (pdf)

Revitalize™ is a dry cow feed and mineral line formulated specifically for dry cows. It prepares the cow for the next lactation and helps reduce metabolic and nutritionally related disorders around the time of calving. Several university studies have shown that controlling the energy intake of dry cows throughout the dry period at or slightly above the energy requirement established by the National Research Council improves their transition into lactation.
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Nationwide Agribusiness

Nationwide Agribusiness

Agriculture has been a passion for Southern States and Nationwide Agribusiness for over 100 years. We've learned a lot about the best ways to protect farms and ranches now and in the future.
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Forage Quick Reference Seed Guide

Forage Quick Reference Seed Guide (pdf)

Let our specialists help you pick the seeds, seasons and tools you need to plan the perfect field and pasture forage. Plant now, save on feed later.
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