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Revitalize(TM) is formulated specifically for dry cows to prepare the cow for the next lactation and reduce metabolic and nutritionally related disorders at the time of calving.

Revitalize Complete & Supplement feeds contain*:


  • Maintains gut health and stability
  • Promotes good bacteria; builds natural defenses

Diamond V™ Original XP

  • Supports rumen integrity and dry matter intake
  • Optimizes nutrient availability

Sel-Plex® Selenium Yeast

  • Reduction in somatic cell count
  • Selenium is a powerful antioxidant and plays a critical role in metabolism, normal growth, reproductive health and immunity


  • Supports immune function
  • Decreases milk somatic cell count in the subsequent lactation

Participating Feeds:

  • Revitalize 18% Complete
  • Revitalize 20% CAB Complete
  • Revitalize 22% CAB with Cr Complete
  • Revitalize 22% CAB with EC Complete
  • Revitalize 35% Supplement
  • Revitalize 35% CAB Supplement
  • Revitalize Conditioning Mineral

* Additives and ingredients may vary by feed. Please consult your local Southern States Feed Representative for more information.

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