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Southern States Crop Protectants

We understand that the basis of a healthy harvest is a well-protected crop. To keep your crops vigorous for a maximum yield, our stores offer a full spectrum of protectants, shielding your crops from damage. From fungicides to herbicides and insecticides, Southern States has you covered. We even have adjuvants to help maximize spray efficacy.

At Southern States, we understand it can be difficult to know when to spray which product to best defend your field. That is why we provide you with expert scouting throughout the growing season. Our scouts are trained to diagnose field crop problems and provide you with a treatment plan, saving you time and money spent on unnecessary treatment. We even have Growmaster certified personnel and equipment to apply protectants for you so you can be sure the job is done right.

Safeguarding your plants against damage is the best path toward a healthy, profitable harvest. Southern States is here for you from seed to harvest, to shield your plants with the best protectants and to provide you with the expertise you need.

A sprayer truck stands at the ready in an early morning mist.

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Southern States Adjuvants

Southern States provides a variety of adjuvants that work to enhance the effectiveness of your herbicides, insecticides or fungicides. Some adjuvants have surfactants that help your product better stick to your plants or increase absorption of liquid fertilizers in soil. Others are designed to keep your products on your plants and reduce drift. We even have colored foam markers so you can easily track where you have sprayed to ensure complete, effective coverage. Keeping you covered is our goal, and our adjuvants perform to give you a cleaner, healthier and more profitable crop.

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