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Farm Fuels

Southern States Farm Fuels

We understand that operating efficiently and economically is a top priority for your business. That’s why Southern States offers a range of services to meet your needs, including clean-burning propane gas, premium diesel fuel and heating oils. Our automatic delivery service ensures you have fuel when and where you need it so you never have to worry about running out or calling too late for delivery. Learn more about how Southern States'truck rodeos ensure quality and service by inspecting vehicles and testing drivers' skills.

Propane gas is an obvious economical energy source for heating homes, buildings or work spaces. But agricultural industries also count on propane gas for heating livestock buildings, grain drying, tobacco curing and poultry heating. As one of the top 10 suppliers of propane gas in the U.S., Southern States is a dependable partner, whether you need large amounts of propane for industrial applications or small refills for residential fireplace logs or clothes drying.

Southern States’ SuperGold premium diesel fuel is unlike ordinary diesel fuels in that it has special additives that ensure cleaner burning. Our customers have found that SuperGold lowers maintenance costs and wear-and-tear by reducing equipment downtime, providing quicker starts, and reducing injector deposits. Whether you’re fueling your farm vehicles with dyed low-sulfur (DLS) fuel, or using our ultra low-sulfur ULS formula for on-road driving, SuperGold improves storage stability, protects the fuel system with its corrosion inhibitor, keeps moisture and water from mixing with fuel, and offers better lubricity to reduce engine wear.

Southern States delivers for all your fuels needs.To keep your filters and burners at top efficiency, you’ll need heating oil additives that protect your heating system by dispersing residues and minimizing corrosion. Whereas some heating oils turn oil into jelly under extreme weather conditions, Southern States’ premium heating oil delivers dependable warmth even under the coldest conditions.

You can avoid large and unplanned expenses for heating oil and propane gas with Southern States’ residential budget payment plan, which lets you pay a set, budgeted amount over a predetermined number of months. And to help with record keeping and control over fuel use for your vehicles, ask about our Southern States Fuel Card 24/7, available at select locations.

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