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Southern States Services

For 88 years, Southern States has been a trusted partner for small farmers and producers in the agricultural industry. Whether you’re looking for a custom blend of feed, guidance on when to apply a crop protectant, or assistance with financing, we can help you secure all the right supplies and services - with just one visit.

At Southern States we partner with Cooperative Research farms to ensure we always bring you the highest quality seed available.


By partnering with land grant universities across our territory and Monsanto, Southern States reveals its commitment to providing the finest quality seed on the market.
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Southern States delivers quality bulk feed, made in the USA in our own mills.


Whether you order a bag of feed or request a bulk delivery, you can feel confident that your animals are getting the highest-quality feed made right here in the USA, in our own mills, from only the best ingredients.
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Southern States has certified trucks, equipment and application professionals to make sure your fertilizer is applied correctly every time, saving you money.


Our Certified Crop Advisors and Professional Agronomists are trained to recommend a nutrient management plan that will stand up to any combination of crop diseases, insects and weeds.
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Southern States Precision Agriculture service is GPS driven and based on multiple soil tests of your fields. Seeds and fertilizer are applied only as tolerated and needed. It's good for the environment, and your bottom line.

Precision Agriculture

With precision agriculture, you can take advantage of GPS technology to map your fields and pull site-specific soil samples, leading to a targeted rate of seed, lime and fertilizer application.
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Southern States has certified spray equipment and certified application personnel to provide you with accurate, cost-effective and environmentally sound solutions to your herbicide, pesticide, fungicide and adjuvant needs.

Crop Protectants

Whether you’re farming vegetables or tobacco, a healthy crop often depends on the proper application of crop protectants. To ensure a maximum yield, we offer a selection of pesticides, herbicides, adjuvants, surfactants, fungicides and application aids. (Read more.)

Southern States delivers for all your farm fuels needs providing bulk propane and diesel fules for heating and farm equipment.

Farm Fuels

Whether you are heating your work space or fueling forklift cylinders, we understand that operating efficiently and economically is a top priority for your business.

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Southern States carries all the farm supplies you need in one convenient place.

Farm Supplies

Maintain the productivity of both your animals and farm machinery, all while getting the best deal on high-quality essentials like clothing, hardware, or fencing supplies - with only one stop. (Read more.)

Southern States has the vaccines, feed through fly control, pour ons, rub ons, ear tags, pink eye treatments, medicated minerals and more to keep your livestock healthy.

Livestock Health

Southern States is committed to providing superior supplies for the total health of your livestock. We feature only the highest quality feed to nourish your livestock, as well as health care products. (Read more.)

Southern States can provide all the health supplies you need to keep your horses in top physical condition.

Equine Health

We value the total health of your horses. In addition to providing only the finest quality feeds, Southern States also offers the best health care products available. (Read more.)

Southern States has partnered with John Deere Financial to thelp take the worry out of financing your seed, feed, equipment and farm supplies needs.

John Deere

Southern States has partnered with John Deere Financial to enable you to get the short-term financing you need to match your seasonal business cycle.
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