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Special Horse Organization Winners Program

SHOW Program

Turning empty feed bags into cash is easy with Southern States Special Horse Organization Winner’s (SHOW) Program. No other feed company has supported the horse industry more than Southern States. We developed the SHOW Program to provide all non-profit horse associations and clubs their very own sponsorship tool. By simply registering your organization with our home office and submitting proof of purchase seals found on the back or side of each horse feed bag, you can raise thousands of dollars. In fact, 475 groups are currently earning money through the SHOW Program.

How does my organization make money?

Just by doing what you’re already doing – giving your horses Southern States® horse feed. Your organization can earn 25¢ for each proof of purchase seal from Southern States and Legends® horse feed bags. You can even earn $10 per ton on Southern States and Legends pelleted feed. All you have to do is collect the proof of purchase seal found on the back or side of horse feed bags from your organization’s members, friends and family. Feed tags are not accepted. For bulk feed purchases, you need to submit the original customer copy of the delivery tickets.

How do we get our money, and are there restrictions on how the money can be used?

Collect proof of purchase seals from your members. Submit them to Southern States and your organization will be notified of the current account balance. To receive your money, send us a written request letting us know how the funds will be used. All funds from SHOW must be used for events that specifically benefit the horse industry. Southern States should be mentioned as a sponsor of any events SHOW money is used for, and Southern States representatives should be allowed to attend those events.

How does my organization join SHOW?

If you want, we can make a presentation about SHOW to your non-profit horse association or club. To enroll your organization in the program, just sign a letter of agreement. Then all you need to do is designate a contact person to administer the program and give us your current membership list which needs to be updated annually.Your contact person will collect and submit proof of purchase seals as often as you like.

Questions about SHOW

If you have questions about SHOW or want to enroll, send an e-mail request to . We’d like to help your organization, too. Join SHOW and start turning your feed bags into money bags!

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