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Customer Rewards Programs at Southern States

Customer Rewards Programs

Special offers from Southern States via E-Mail

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Special offers from Southern States via Mail

A Coupon Direct Mailer from Southern States

As a frequent shopper you will be eligible to receive special offers and coupons throughout the year. Simply ask an associate to add your contact information to our customer directory. Next, give the cashier your telephone number with each purchase made at a Southern States retail location. With this information we can create personalized offers for you, based on your shopping preferences.

If you have more than one favorite Southern States location, please let us know and we will add your information to each store’s unique customer directory.

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Customer Rewards Programs

SHOW Program

Special Horse Organization Winner's Program
The SHOW Program provides all non-profit breed associations and horse clubs their very own sponsorship tool. By submitting proof of purchase seals found on the back or side of each horse feed bag, you can raise thousands of dollars.

Club Master Program

The Club Master Awards Program
Start rewarding yourself by joining our Club Master Awards Program. You'll earn a personalized Club Master cap. Plus, if you win either the Grand Champion or Reserve Grand Champion at the county or state level, you'll be awarded your own Club Master jacket and personalized folding chair.

Active Military, Veterans and Seniors Day Discount

Active Military, Veterans and Seniors Day Discount
Every Tuesday with a valid ID, all active military, veterans and seniors (age 60 and up) can get discounts store-wide on the tools and products you need most.

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Cargill Salt Rewards Program

Cargill Salt Frequent Buyer Rewards Program
Sign up today for the Cargill Salt Frequent Buyer Rewards Program at your local Southern States dealer. Get 8 purchases on our Frequent Buyer Rewards Car and receive your 9th product free of charge!

Pet Food Discount

SSC Brand Pet Food Quantity Discount
Save $1 per bag when 10 or more bags of qualifying Southern States Brand Pet Food (same formula) are purchased at the same time.

Southern States Horse Feed

Horse Feed College and Vet Incentive Programs
Does your college or university have an equestrian or horse breeding program with at least 10 horses? Does your vet clinic house at least 5 horses on-site? Your college or clinic could save $1 per bag or $20 per ton on Southern States and Legends horse feeds plus other incentives.  

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