Ascend® Pro Plant Growth Regulator

Whether conditions during planting are too cold, too wet, too warm or too dry, Ascend® Pro plant growth regulator (PGR) can help improve root growth and provide better early season vigor by delivering three PGRs in an enhanced, one-of-a-kind formulation. This formulation was specifically designed to provide more consistent performance across all environmental conditions.

 Key benefits:

  • Contains three PGRs ‒ cytokinin, gibberellic acid and indolebutyric acid ‒ to help support cell division, leaf expansion and root formation
  • Enhanced formulation contains a proprietary amino acid derivative to optimize performance across conditions, helping to ease weather-forecasting guesswork and worry
  • Researched across 153 site years over 4+ years to prove its consistent performance independent of weather conditions

Additional product information:

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