AVAIL® T5 Granular Phosphorus Fertilizer Enhancer

Verdesian’s AVAIL® T5 granular phosphorous fertilizer enhancer reduces the fixation of applied phosphorus, keeping more available for plant uptake, speeding early growth and improving crop health and yield potential. It is designed to be sprayed on granular phosphate fertilizers (MAP, DAP and other granular phosphate fertilizers) to increase P availability. It can be applied via broadcast, in-furrow and with fall fertilizer applications.  

Key benefits:

  • Increased efficiency of phosphorus for increased uptake in the plant
  • Delivery of 3-to-1 return on investment
  • Better early-season crop performance
  • More robust roots and stalks
  • Improved plant stress resistance
  • More consistent performance
  • Flexible application timing
  • Less buildup on equipment
  • Less phosphorous soil buildup means less phosphorous loss to the environment
  • Enhances a growers’ 4R Nutrient Stewardship
  • Powered by new T5 polymer technology

Additional product information:

AVAIL® T5 Granular Phosphorous Fertilizer Enhancer

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