Liquid Boron 10%

Liquid Boron 10% is a proven and versatile Winfield™ plant nutrition product. Effective as a readily available source of boron, it increases plant growth and health. It contains 1.1 pounds of born per gallon. That’s important since boron is essential to nitrogen metabolism, cell division and increased flowering and fruiting. Boron also increases pollen number, pollen viability and pollen tube elongation, resulting in plants that produce more blooms that mature into larger volumes of fruit.

Key benefits:

  • Flexible application – soil, foliar and aerial
  • Effective across a broad range of soil conditions, fertility programs and tillage practices
  • Compatible with most pesticides
  • Can be used along with the NutriSolutions® Tools, a tissue sampling and analysis tool, to help pinpoint nutrient deficiencies
  • Available in 2 x 2.5-gallon jugs, 250-gallon tote and bulk

Additional product information:

Liquid Boron


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