Row and specialty crops often don't get the micronutrients like sulfur, zinc, managanese or boron they need for optimum performance. MicroSync® granular micronutrients are formulated with Verdesian Polymer Technology to synergize and increase availability for plant update. MicroSync is designed to be blended with NPK granular fertilizer programs, making them easy to use and apply.

Key Benefits:

  • Uniform blend with superior particle spread for better access and uptake
  • Supports growth process from germination to maturity
  • Better root development and thicker stalks
  • Flexible application timing
  • Season-long performance with short, intermediate and long-term release characteristics
  • Available in a variety of formulations for use in broad acre & specialty crops
  • Formulas address broad spectrum or specific nutrient deficiencies identified with tissue testing programs
  • Uses Nutripaction(R) process with Verdesian polymer technology to improve nutrient availability

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