N-Charge® G

Additives & Enhancers

N-Charge® G keeps applied nitrogen (N) more available to the plant with patented T5 polymer technology, supporting in-season Nitrogen Use Efficiency. N-Charge G increases nitrogen uptake throughout the growing season.


Nutrient Availability: Polymer technology acts as an exchange resin, supporting in-season improvement of Nitrogen Use Efficiency.

Nutrient Accessibility: Increased availability of ammonium to the plant during peak N use increases Nutrient Use Efficiency.

Nutrient Uptake: Increases total N uptake during the growing season to maximize grower Return on Investment.

Key Benefits

  • Next Generation T5 Polymer
  • Protects soil health and water quality.
  • 50-90% less buildup on equipment.
  • Can be stored indefinitely with no loss in quality.
  • Works well in all weather conditions.
  • Part of Nitrogen Use Efficiency and 4R Nutrient Stewardship.

Additional Product Information

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