Anuvia’s SymTRX™ is an enhanced-efficiency, multi-nutrient, slow-release, bio-based fertilizer that delivers improved yields, better soil and root zone health, and a 3 to 5 times return on investment. SymTRX’s slow release delivers nutrients such as ammonium N and sulfur sulfate when growing plants need them the most – releasing 65% of the nutrients within the first 2-3 weeks and the balance providing feeding for up to 8 weeks.

Key benefits:

  • Slowly releases nutrients to reduce nutrient loss via leaching and volatility
  • Delivers nutrients in usable forms like ammonium N, orthophosphate and sulfate sulfur for effective and efficient results
  • Contains 16% organic matter, contributing to better soil health
  • Uses Anuvia’s Organic MaTRX™ process that binds with nutrient ions to create a slow-release, enhanced efficiency solution; proprietary slow-release nutrient delivery system meets the global demand for more efficient plant nutrition
  • Homogenous granules can be used alone, or blended to enhance the performance of other fertilizers
  • Clean, dry, hard granules can be easily stored, handled and used in the same way as conventional dry fertilizers
  • Choose SymTRX 20S (16-1-0-20S) or SymTRX 10S (14-24-0-10S)


Additional product information:

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