Aproach® Prima Fungicide


Aproach® Prima fungicide is a broad-spectrum fungicide that controls several foliar plant diseases, including anthracnose and fungicide-resistant frogeye leaf spot. With two modes of action, it offers both preventive and curative properties, resulting in a healthier crop that can deliver higher yield potential and increased revenue per acre in corn, soybeans, peanuts and wheat.

 Key benefits:

  • Works nearly twice as fast as competitors, with uptake occurring on day one
  • Rainfast within one hour for a more flexible application
  • Helps stop spread of infection through its differentiated modes of action, and delivers residual for up to three weeks for extended disease control
  • Improves green leaf area and chlorophyll production late into the season for stronger, more productive plants
  • Through varying movement properties, quickly surrounds and penetrates each leaf and stem – even those that have yet to emerge
  • Helps protect leaf surfaces near the soil to control diseases where many pathogens originate

Additional information:

Aproach Prima Fungicide



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