Balance® Flexx Herbicide


With a broad application window, Balance® Flexx is a powerful pre-emergence corn herbicide that provides burndown of grass and broadleaf weeds and reactivates with just a half inch of rain to control late-emerging weeds. This Bayer herbicide is tough enough to control glyphosate-, PPO-, triazine- and ALS-resistant weeds, including resistant marestail, common ragweed, waterhemp and Palmer amaranth.

 Key benefits:

  • Excellent resistance management tool when used in a sequential program with Capreno®, DiFlexx® DUO, Laudis®, glyphosate or other postemergence herbicides
  • Delivers both excellent weed control and weed resistance management when used as the foundation for a two-pass herbicide program
  • Exclusive Crop Safety Innovation™ (CSI) Safener enables corn plants to better withstand herbicidal activity, leading to increased root growth and plant health 
  • CSI Safener technology allows application to corn from burndown or pre-plant through V2 on any soil type, including sandy soils
  • Enables growers to readily rotate from corn to other key crops with little or no delay
  • No demonstrated commercial resistance worldwide
  • Low use rates of ounces per acre mean less storage and handling and fewer jugs


Additional product information:


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