Capreno® Herbicide


Capreno® herbicide is a powerful, postemergence herbicide that delivers reliable, broad-spectrum weed control with excellent residual control, ensuring an amazingly clean finish. With two effective sites of action, Capreno controls grass and broadleaf weeds while preventing the development of resistance. It can be applied alone for full grass and broadleaf weed control or applied with tank-mix partners for the ultimate one-pass postemergence herbicide program.

 Key benefits:

  • Effective against weeds such as Palmer amaranth, marestail, waterhemp and kochia
  • Excellent crop safety delivered through Bayer’s proprietary safener, enabling plants to better withstand herbicide activity
  • A resistance management tool when tank-mixed with chemistries such as glyphosate, providing three sites of action
  • Delivers burndown control of grass and broadleaf weeds and residual control up to crop canopy
  • Controls many weeds that exhibit resistance to glyphosate, ALS, PPO, auxin and triazine chemistries
  • Rainfast one hour after application to most weed species

Additional product information:



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