Corvus® Herbicide


Corvus® preemergence corn herbicide is the only herbicide to offer three levels of defense ‒ burndown, residual and reactivation – for consistent performance all season long. This Bayer herbicide delivers rapid burndown to take out early weeds, long-lasting residual to prevent new weeds and reactivation with as little as ½ inch of rain to get late weeds. With two sites of action, it is labeled to control more than 65 troublesome grass and broadleaf weeds.

Key benefits:

  • Labeled to control weeds such as foxtail, common ragweed, waterhemp and other weeds exhibiting resistance to glyphosate, PPO, triazine and ALS herbicides
  • Applied in ounces vs. pints and quarts per acre for lower use rate than other herbicides, meaning less shipping, storage and handling, and fewer jugs
  • Unique power of reactivation means it works under adverse environmental conditions, such as drought or flood, and reduces the likelihood for resprays

Additional product information:


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