PowerLock® Adjuvant


PowerLock® adjuvant combines two signature adjuvants – InterLock® and Preference® – in one convenient premix formulation to lock in spray coverage and deposition, lock out drift and improve spray droplet retention and contact angle. Testing shows it performs at the same high level as InterLock and Preference separately. Plus, PowerLock is ideal for optimizing fungicide, insecticide, herbicide and defoliant performance.

Key benefits:

  • Delivers up to 64 percent better overall coverage and deposition
  • Reduces drift with up to 20 percent more spray kept on target plants
  • Provides better protection against ultraviolet rays for less spray degradation
  • Improves adhesion of spray droplets
  • Increases leaf-area coverage on target plants
  • Decreases rate of spray evaporation
  • Can be applied by ground or air

Additional product information: 


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