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Don’t wait to wage the weed war

How can you keep weeds from escaping your post-emergent herbicide applications in soybeans? Spray when weeds are small. Let Southern States Cooperative agronomy experts help you improve your soybean herbicide program.

Protect Your Corn’s Yield Potential

Even the most resistant corn hybrids fall victim to diseases, but a fungicide program can help ensure your crop reaches its full yield potential. Let Southern States Cooperative agronomy experts help you strategize a plan to protect your investment.

Meeting your crop’s in-season nutrient needs

In-season crop tissue analysis can uncover yield-robbing nutrient deficiencies before they impact your corn and soybean crop yields. Your Southern States Cooperative agronomy experts can help incorporate a tissue-testing plan into your nutrient management program.

Preparing for Wheat Harvest

Wheat growers who plan to store their crop should take essential steps before harvest to prepare grain storage bins properly to protect grain from pests and moisture. Your local Southern States Cooperative agronomy experts can help you select a grain bin insecticide and identify harvest measures to safeguard your stored crop from losses.

Scouting for Early-Season Pests in Your Corn

Southern States Cooperative agronomy experts can help corn growers scout fields early and often to protect against yield-robbing insect and pest damage

Fall Fertility To-Do List

The fall season is the first opportunity to establish yield potential for the crop that will be planted the following spring. Grid sampling is a tool to establish baseline fertility values for lime, phosphorous (P) and potassium (K).

One Missing Nutrient Can Limit a Winning Season

Micronutrients can make the difference between average yields and a bumper crop. As important players on a balanced team of vital nutrients, micronutrients help crops withstand stress and optimize yields.

In-season Tissue Tests Starting Point to Make Up for Missing Micronutrients

Micronutrients are important for strong growth and development of corn and soybean crops at key points in the growing season. Well-timed crop tissue testing can determine which micronutrients your crops may be lacking to reach their full potential. Your Southern States Cooperative agronomy expert can help with crop tissue testing and solutions for micronutrient shortfalls.

Scout and act quickly to sustain corn yield in challenging conditions

Corn farmers in the Southern States region can increase yield with the right agronomic inputs applied at the right time by paying close attention to the crop in 2020.

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