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Our agronomy team in the South Carolina area are experts in agricultural business. They are knowledgeable about what Southern States products will work best for you and can help maximize yields and profits. Whether you are looking for a crop advisor for growing cotton, peanuts, corn and soybeans, would like some help with scouting, humics and crop management, or just would like to hear about some recommendations for crop protectants, fertilizers and seeds, our South Carolina team has the education and experience to answer your questions and help you make the right decisions.

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Michael (Corey) Davis
Darlington Agronomy

Agronomy Operations Manager – Corey is a Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) that specializes in crop protections products, fertilizer, seed and precision ag. He is passionate about helping farmers place the right products on the right acre, helping them be successful in their operations. He holds a degree in business management from Florence Darlington Technical College.

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Brent Gandy
Bennettsville & Darlington Agronomy Centers

Agronomy Sales Manager – Brent was been with Southern States for over 9 years, specializing in row crops and vegetable crops on the Coastal Plain. He grew up on a farm and went to Clemson University and earned his bachelor’s degree in agricultural mechanization and business with a minor in business management.

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Cody Herring
Loris, Manning & Little Rock Agronomy Centers

Agronomy Sales Manager – Cody grew up on a family farm that farmed row crop, corn, cotton, soybeans and peanuts. The holds a degree from The Citadel in biology and is a member of the South Carolina Farm Bureau. He specializes in high-quality agronomic intelligence and is passionate about precision agriculture.

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Warren Kearns
Lake City & Little Rock Agronomy Centers

Agronomy Sales Manager - Warren worked on a row crop and chicken farm growing up, where they grew cotton, corn and peanuts. Prior to Southern States, Warren worked at Monty’s Plant Food where he specializes in agronomy, scouting, humics and crop management.

contact warren kearns

Trent Miller
Johnston Agronomy

Department Manager – Trent’s family owns and operates an 800-acre timber production farm. He graduated with honors from Clemson University with a degree in agriculture mechanization and business with a minor in agribusiness, also serving as the President of the Ag Mechanization Club and was recognized as an Outstanding Senior in the College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences. He’s a Board Member of the local farm bureau, President of Edgefield County Young Farmers, and a Certified Crop Advisor (CCA). Trent is passionate about educating the public about agriculture in the community and helping bridge the gap between young and elder members of the Ag community.

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Dalton Russell
Lumberton Agronomy Center

Agronomy Sales Manager – Charles was born and raised on a 300-acre tobacco farm and specializes in fertilizer and seed. He earned his degree from Clemson University, majoring in agricultural mechanization and business, with a minor in plant environmental science and row crop production.

contact charles russell

Alan Ward
Lumberton & Loris Agronomy Centers

Agronomy Sales Manager - Raised on a small tobacco, corn and soybean farm, Alan has been in agriculture his whole life. He’s been with Southern States for over 8 years and holds a degree in Agronomy from North Carolina State University.

contact alan ward

Heath Watson
Manning, Bishopville & Darl Agronomy Centers

Agronomy Sales Manager - A former cotton farmer, Heath has been with Southern States for over 5 years. He farmed an 800 acre operation for 16 years, growing cotton, peanuts, corn and soybeans. He is a graduate of the College of Charleston and a member of the South Carolina Farm Bureau.

contact heath watson

Roman Whitfield
Johnston Agronomy

Agronomy Operations Manager – Roman has been with Southern States for over 21 years and is a Certified Crop Adviser (CCA). He’s a member of the CCA and South Carolina Fertilizer Ag Chem and Fertilizer Board. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Clemson University where in majored in Ag Mech and Business and minored in Agronomy.

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