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Advise® Four

Control of Piercing and Sucking Insects

Superior Insect Control

Advise® Four insecticide delivers fast acting foliar activity and long lasting systemic residual control of many piercing and sucking insects that attack valuable crops, including cotton, potatoes and citrus. The new 4 pound per gallon formulation means less storage, shipping and handling of Advise® Four for greater convenience in the field. Advise® Four is compatible with other labeled insecticides and most other agricultural products. Piercing and Sucking Insect Control

Advise® Four provides exceptional foliar and residual control against key piercing and sucking insects. Advise® Four is distributed throughout the plant by translocation for improved residual control. Below is a list of key insects that Advise® Four controls in cotton, peanuts, potatoes and citrus. See label for all crops and pests controlled and full use directions. (chart)

4 x 1-gallon jugs


Advise® Four can be applied in a foliar application by ground, aerially or through overhead chemigation. It can also be applied as a drench to allow for uptake and translocation throughout the plant. See label for full use directions.

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