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Control Insects in Soybeans and Other Crops

Product Use

Arctic®3.2EC insecticide is a broad-spectrum pyrethroid insecticide for use on a wide range of crops. It is formulated as a liquid emulsifiable concentrate to readily mix with water and most fluid fertilizers.

Labeled Crops

Arctic®3.2EC insecticide is labeled for use on many field, fruit and vegetable crops, and on ornamentals, including alfalfa, almonds, apples, artichoke, asparagus, avocado, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cantaloupe, cauliflower, celery, chayote, cherries, chrysanthemums, citron melon, collards, conifers, corn, cucumber, cucurbit vegetables, eggplant, filberts, Florence fennel, garlic, gherkin, horseradish, kohlrabi, leafy vegetables, lettuce, mushrooms, muskmelon, nectarines, onions, ornamental nursery stock, peaches, pears, peppers, pistachios, potatoes, pumpkin, rhubarb, roses, soybeans, spinach, squash, Swiss chard, tomatoes, turnips, walnuts, watermelon, and more. It is also labeled as a premises spray.

Insects Controlled

Arctic®3.2EC insecticide controls bean leaf beetle, beet armyworm, corn earworm, corn rootworm beetle, cutworm, flea beetle, green cloverworm, Japanese beetle, Mexican bean beetle, potato leafhopper, soybean looper, thistle caterpillar, velvetbean caterpillar, webworm, woolly bear caterpillar, and more.

Other Information

Arctic®3.2EC insecticide has a 60-day preharvest interval for soybeans, a 12-hour reentry interval and is a restricted-use pesticide.

4 x 1-gallon jugs
15-gallon container



Arctic®3.2EC insecticide should be applied to soybean and other crops when scouting reveals economic thresholds have been reached.


Arctic®3.2EC insecticide is an effective performer that provides excellent control and residual activity.

Use the lower end of the recommended rates to provide insect knockdown and limited residual. Higher recommended rates provide knockdown and excellent residual activity. As with all insecticides, the extent of residual activity varies with environmental conditions and insect species. (chart)

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