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Ascend® SL

Ascend® formulation with improved shelf life

A different formulation of Ascend® but the same proven combination of plant growth regulators

Ascend® SL (Soluble Liquid) plant growth regulator contains the same optimal combination of three EPA registered plant growth regulators that are in Ascend®, resulting in vigorous early plant germination and emergence, a robust root system, larger leaves and wider stems – all giving you a significant jump on the growing season. Ascend® SL plant growth regulator can be used as a seed treatment, in furrow or as a foliar application.


Cytokinin is a natural plant growth regulator that promotes cell division and leaf expansion while slowing leaf aging. Gibberellic acids are naturally occurring plant growth regulators that stimulate cell division and elongation in leaves and stems. Indolebutyric acid is a plant growth regulator that stimulates vigorous root formation and development, and increases cell elongation.

2 X 2.5-gallon jugs


A typical foliar use rate is 3.4 ounces per acre for Ascend® plant growth regulator in most crops. Use 4.7 to 6.3 ounces per acre for corn in furrow. Ascend® plant growth regulator may be applied multiple times in most crops. Use 1.05 to 4.2 ounces per one hundred pounds of seed as a seed treatment. See label for specific rates and timing for each crop.

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