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Atrazine 4L

Residual Weed Control

Wide range of uses

Atrazine 4L and 90DF are restricted-use herbicides that offer dependable broadleaf and grass weed control in corn, grain and forage sorghum, sugarcane, conifers, macadamia nuts, guava, chemical fallow and other uses. Both are also labeled for use in CRP and roadsides in certain states. Atrazine 90DF herbicide is an advanced water-dispersible formulation. Decades of use have proven that this herbicide works reliably in a variety of cropping systems. Whether used sequentially or tank mixed with other products, economically priced Atrazine 4L and 90DF herbicides complement the overall season-long performance of many herbicide programs.

Features and benefits

  • Grasses controlled include barnyardgrass**, giant foxtail*, green foxtail**, large crabgrass*, wild oats, witchgrass**, and yellow foxtail**.
  • Broadleaf weeds controlled include cocklebur*, groundcherry, jimsonweed (postemergent only for 4L), kochia, lambsquarters, annual morningglory, mustards, nightshade, pigweed, purslane, ragweed, sicklepod*, velvetlear* (postemergent), velvetleaf** and wild buckwheat (postemergent only).
  • Atrazine 4L and 90DF herbicides may be tank mixed with a variety of herbicides for increased flexibility and control of certain broadleaf and grass weeds.
  • Atrazine 4L and 90DF herbicides may be tank mixed with fluid fertilizers. * Partial control. ** Partial control only on medium- and fine-textured soils.
2 x 2.5 gallon jugs
25-pound bag (90DF herbicide only)



  • Rates depend on soil texture, organic matter, tillage, residue, geographic location and other factors. When state and/or local regulations of atrazine use (including lower maximum rates and/or greater setbacks) differ from the Atrazine 4L and 90DF herbicides labels, the most restrictive requirements must be followed.
  • Preplant surface: apply up to 45 days before planting on medium and fine soils, and up to 2 weeks before planting on coarse soils.
  • Preplant incorporated: apply up to 2 weeks before planting.
  • Preemergence: apply during or after planting, prior to weed emergence.
  • Postemergence: apply up to 4 pints of 4L or 2.2 pounds of 90DF (2 pounds of active ingredient per acre maximum) before corn reaches 12 inches, if no atrazine was applied prior to crop emergence. Total atrazine applied may not exceed 5 pints of 4L or 2.8 pounds of 90DF (2.5 pounds of active ingredient) per acre per calendar year, if postemergent application follows an earlier preplant or preemergent application.


  • Use rates and timings similar to those for corn.
  • Application timing for postemergence in sorghum is before the crop reaches 12 inches, except in certain western states, or when used with an oil concentrate.

Other Crops and Uses

  • See the label for use rates in other crops.


  • An oil concentrate or surfactant is recommended for certain postemergent applications in corn and sorghum. See the label for restrictions when tank mixing and for additive use in all crops.

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