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Bracket® 97

Control Profit-robbing Insects

Broad-spectrum protection

Bracket® Brands insecticide controls a range of insect pests that damage many important crops, including cotton, citrus, vegetables, peanuts, and tobacco. Bracket® Brands insecticide can be used in greenhouses, as well as on golf courses, sod farms, and outdoor floral and ground cover plantings. Air or ground applications put this versatile insecticide to effective use.

Bracket® Brands is an effective cotton insecticide that can be used in foliar, hopperbox, and in-furrow treatments. It can be tank mixed with several other cotton insecticides.

Insects Controlled

Bracket® Brands insecticide controls many cotton insects, including armyworm (excluding beet), bollworm, cabbage looper, cotton aphid, cutworm, fleahopper, pink bollworm, plant bug (lygus), stinkbug, thrip, tobacco budworm and whitefly.

When spray particles come in contact with bollworm and tobacco budworm eggs, hatching larvae may be controlled as they emerge and consume their egg casings. For dead-hatch and larval control, apply Bracket® Brands with other insecticides. For improved deposition, canopy penetration and spray coverage, use InterLock® plus Preference® adjuvants.

2 x 20-pound bags
8 x 2 x 2.5-pound packets

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