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Class Act® NG®

Water-conditioning Agent Plus

Unique Adjuvant System

Class Act® NG® adjuvant offers an easy-to-use formulation that combines ammonium sulfate (AMS) for water conditioning, a nonionic surfactant, a crop-based adjuvant system and an antifoaming agent in a convenient liquid premix. Class Act®NG® adjuvant contains CornSorb additive for improved pesticide uptake and performance.

With Class Act® NG® adjuvant, applicators do not have to deal with mixing and quality problems that can be associated with AMS. The predissolved liquid AMS alleviates sedimentation and nozzle plugging, eliminating downtime caused by hard-to-dissolve dry AMS. And, there is no need to handle bulky 51-pound bags of dry AMS. Class Act® NG® adjuvant is available in bulk and mini-bulk containers for convenient pumping, saving time and money.

Formulated For Glyphosate-Based Herbicides

Class Act® NG® adjuvant is specifically formulated to meet adjuvant and AMS requirements for low-load and no-load glyphosate-based herbicides, Cornerstone® brands, Touchdown HiTech® and other herbicides. Class Act® NG® adjuvant is a perfect fit with Ignite®, diquat, Gramoxone Inteon and a variety of other postemergent herbicides with similar requirements. Class Act® NG® adjuvant is also labeled for use with aquatic herbicides. Class Act® NG® adjuvant is CPDA (Chemical Producers and Distributors Association) certified, which assures product quality and reliability.

Fast, Aggressive Performance

Class Act® NG® is the most active adjuvant system available for a variety of herbicides, including non-selective herbicides. Years of extensive university research, independent trials and manufacturer’s product development have repeatedly proven top performance by this unique formulation. Class Act® NG®adjuvant improves uptake and speeds herbicide movement for quicker performance and faster weed control.

2 x 2.5-gallon jugs

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