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Liquid Carbon™ Soil Conditioner

Liquid Carbon™ soil conditioner reduces compaction and improves overall soil health while enhancing micronutrient uptake and breaking down plant residue.

Sulfur 15™

Sulfur 15™ is an 8-0-0 foliar fertilizer with 15% sulfur that boosts plant growth in corn, cotton, soybeans and wheat. It’s easy to mix, simple to use, and is readily available.

Ascend® Pro Plant Growth Regulator

Fertilizer Additives and Enhancers
Ascend® Pro plant growth regulator (PGR) combines three PGRS in one formulation and can help improve root growth and provide better early season vigor even when planting crops in less than ideal conditions.

Liquid Boron 10%

Fertilizer Additives and Enhancers
Learn more about Liquid Boron 10%, a plant nutrition product that increases plant growth and health across a broad range of soil conditions, fertility programs and tillage practices.

NutriSphere-N® Nitrogen Fertilizer Manager

Fertilizer Additives and Enhancers
NutriSphere-N® Nitrogen Fertilizer Manager delivers a 3-to-1 return on growers’ fertilizer investments, increasing nitrogen availability to crops and inhibiting nitrogen loss.

AVAIL® T5 Granular Phosphorus Fertilizer Enhancer

Fertilizer Additives and Enhancers
AVAIL® T5 granular phosphorous fertilizer enhancer reduces the fixation of applied phosphorus, speeding early growth and improving crop health and yield potential.


SymTRX is an enhanced efficiency plant nutrition product, slowly releasing nutrients to crops and delivering improved yields, better soil and root zone health, and a 3-to-5-times return on investment.

Premium Blend Liquid Fertilizer

Premium Blend, a pop-up liquid fertilizer with a 6-24-6 nutrient profile, is designed to get the seed out of the ground quickly to maximize a plant’s development.

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