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Monty’s Liquid Carbon

Additives & Enhancers
Liquid Carbon™ soil conditioner reduces compaction and improves overall soil health while enhancing micronutrient uptake and breaking down plant residue.


Microhance fertilizer contains a unique blend of nutrients designed to maximize plant potential at any stage of growth.


Foliar & MicroNutrients
Row and specialty crops often don't get the micronutrients like sulfur, zinc, managanese or boron they need for optimum performance. MicroSync granular micronutrients are formulated with Verdesian Polymer Technology to synergize and increase availability for plant update. MicroSync is designed to be blended with NPK granular fertilizer programs, making them easy to use and apply.


Foliar & MicroNutrients
Monty’s Agri-N is a natural product that provides nitrogen for green-up… and energy – without the nozzle problems caused by other sugars! Monty’s Agri-N may be blended with many chemicals, including other fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides. Monty’s Agri-N may be foliar, applied as a sidedress or in fertigation and chemigation.


Monty’s K28 Liquid Potash is a supplement for potassium deficient plants. Monty’s nearly pH balanced formula can be applied 2×2 at planting and safely added to nitrogen solutions – as well as most herbicides and fungicides for foliar application.

C795 Plus

C795 Plus is a concentrated, versatile liquid plant food with NPK and other essential nutrients that can be used at planting and as a foliar on any crop when plant growth is desired – during any growth stage.

FlexN™ 12-0-0

FlexN™ 12-0-0 Plus 5% B is a clear liquid deriving its slow-release properties from methylene urea.

Ascend® Pro Plant Growth Regulator

Additives & Enhancers
Ascend® Pro plant growth regulator (PGR) combines three PGRS in one formulation and can help improve root growth and provide better early season vigor even when planting crops in less than ideal conditions.

FlexN™ 28-0-0

FlexN™ 28-0-0 is slow release nitrogen.

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