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Capreno® Herbicide

Capreno® is a powerful, postemergence corn herbicide that controls grass and broadleaf weeds while preventing the development of resistance.

aproach prima fungicide

Aproach® Prima fungicide uses two modes of action that work together to control foliar plant diseases and provide a higher yield and healthier crops.

Corvus® Herbicide

Corvus® preemergence corn herbicide offers three levels of defense ‒ burndown, residual and reactivation – for consistent performance all season long.

Enlist Duo® Herbicide

Enlist Duo® herbicide combines 2,4-D choline with glyphosate for exceptional control of many resistant and hard-to-control broadleaf weeds.


Liberty® herbicide delivers superior weed control across multiple trait systems and excellent performance on key weeds, including glyphosate-resistant broadleaves and grasses.

Provost® Silver Fungicide

Peanut growers who use Provost Silver get broad-spectrum control of soil-borne and foliar diseases, an excellent resistance-management tool and tank-mix flexibility.

Balance® Flexx Herbicide

Balance® Flexx is a powerful pre-emergence corn herbicide that delivers burndown of grass and broadleaf weeds and is tough enough to control many resistant weeds.

Canopy® Herbicide

Canopy® herbicide has two modes of action to prevent and manage weed resistance and delivers reliable burndown plus residual control of winter annuals and early season weeds.


Anthem® Flex herbicide is a low-use-rate herbicide with a wide application window and easy-to-mix formulation. It delivers residual control of key grasses and broadleaf weeds in corn, spring and winter wheat, and cotton.

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