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Grizzly® Too Insecticide

For an insecticide that delivers superior handling, mixing and insect control, apply Grizzly® Too insecticide, a microencapsulated lambda-cyhalothrin formulation (group 3A pyrethroid).


StrikeLock® adjuvant is an oil-based drift and deposition aid and high surfactant oil concentrate that improves herbicide performance in corn, soybeans, cotton and wheat.

OnTarget® Adjuvant

With its patent-pending technology, OnTarget® adjuvant is designed for use with ultra and extra coarse nozzles when applying the new dicamba herbicide chemistries.

Envive® Herbicide

Get long-lasting, consistent control of the most challenging weeds in soybeans, including glyphosate-tolerant or -resistant weeds with Envive® herbicide.

Enlist Duo® Herbicide

Enlist Duo® herbicide combines 2,4-D choline with glyphosate for exceptional control of many resistant and hard-to-control broadleaf weeds.

Tundra® Insecticide

Tundra® insecticide, with the active ingredient bifenthrin, protects corn, soybeans and cotton against a broad spectrum of insects and mites.


Liberty® herbicide delivers superior weed control across multiple trait systems and excellent performance on key weeds, including glyphosate-resistant broadleaves and grasses.

Capreno® Herbicide

Capreno® is a powerful, postemergence corn herbicide that controls grass and broadleaf weeds while preventing the development of resistance.

Enlist One® Herbicide

Enlist One® herbicide is a straight-goods 2,4-D choline that delivers exceptional weed control, tank-mix flexibility and minimized potential for physical drift.

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