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Grizzly® Too

Insect Control in Wheat, Alfalfa and Other Crops

2 lb per Gallon Formulation

Grizzly® Too insecticide contains 2 pounds of lambda-Cyhalothrin per gallon, double the amount of active ingredient than the old Grizzly® Z formulation. This new, more concentrated formulation means less storage and handling for dealers, applicators and others.

Microencapsulation Technology

Grizzly® Too is formulated with microencapsulation technology for quick release, residual control, and improved applicator safety. It also has built in UV blocker technology for protection against degrading sunlight, allowing Grizzly® Too to provide longer residual control.

Insect Control in Wheat and Alfalfa

Grizzly® Too is a leading insecticide in wheat and alfalfa. It can effectively control many insects such as orange blossom midge and cereal leaf beetle in wheat and various weevils, leafhoppers and aphids in alfalfa.

4 x 1 Gallon Jugs

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