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Non-polymer Deposition Adjuvant

Versatile Drift Reduction and Deposition

InterLock® is a crop-based adjuvant that improves spray deposition on intended targets and reduces spray drift. It is also a canopy-penetrating agent. InterLock® adjuvant works effectively with herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, desiccants and defoliants. Plus, it increases the effectiveness of fungicides, such as those labeled for Asian soybean rust control. Derived from vegetable oil, InterLock® adjuvant drastically reduces the amount of fine spray particles in the spray pattern and increases droplet speed without thickening the spray. By keeping more spray droplets within the most effective size range, InterLock® adjuvant improves coverage, increases canopy penetration, and reduces drift and evaporation of pesticides, whether they are applied by ground or air.

While InterLock® adjuvant is effective at low rates, it does not negatively affect spray patterns like other drift-control adjuvants, even if higher rates or air-assisted nozzles are used. For best product performance, select and use spray equipment properly, including boom height, nozzle type, size and pressure.

2 x 2.5-gallon jugs
Liquid formulations (ECec, AS)4 to 6 ounces per acre
Dry formulations (DF, WP)4 to 6 ounces per acre
Liquid flowables (LF)4 to 6 ounces per acre
Fungicides and insecticides2 to 4 ounces per acre plus 1 to 2 pints of Preference® adjuvant (NIS) per 100 gallons spray solution

InterLock® adjuvant may be premixed in a chemical inductor, injected or added after pesticides and other adjuvants are in the tank."

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