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Improves Spray Coverage and Performance

Best Surfactant In Its Class

Preference® adjuvant is the most effective nonionic surfactant in its class and offers competitively priced premium performance. Thousands of growers have proved the effectiveness of this patented, crop-derived, nonionic surfactant. Users have reported successful application with herbicides, defoliants, insecticides and fungicides on millions of cropland acres.

Increased Leaf Coverage

Preference® adjuvant improves the properties of spray droplets, maximizing your herbicide investment.

Preference® adjuvant benefits include:

  • Non-foaming formulation

  • Improved adhesion of spray droplets to the target plant’s leaf surfaces

  • Reduced surface tension, which allows droplets to spread out over a larger area of the leaf surface

  • Improved wetting, spreading and dispersing of spray solution

  • Slower rate of spray evaporation

  • Better protection against ultraviolet rays for less spray degradation

  • Increased pesticide absorption and efficacy

  • Labeled for use with aquatic herbicides
4 x 1-gallon jugs
2 x 2.5-gallon jugs

Surfactants are generally recommended on a volume-per-volume (v/v) basis.

For example: Percentage v/v per 100 gallons spray solution

0.125= 1 pint
0.25= 1 quart
0.50= 2 quarts
1.00= 1 gallon

Suggested rates with various pesticides and fertilizers* (per 100 gallons spray solution)

Preference® (pints)Product group
0.5–2Insecticides, miticides and fungicides
8Glyphosate formulations without added surfactants
1–4Defoliants and desiccants
0.5–2Fertilizers and micronutrients
2–4Aquatic herbicides
InterLock® adjuvant may be included with Preference® adjuvant for improved deposition and canopy penetration, and to reduce spray drift.
* Always check pesticide label for specific crop use and application rates.

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