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Stimplex Crop Biostimulant

Liquid Seaweed Extract

Stimplex® is a liquid seaweed extract derived from pure sources of North Atlantic Ascophyllum Nodosum using a unique extraction process designed for maximum performance and consistency.

Regular applications will increase photosynthesis and nutrient usage to promote overall crop health and increase resilience to physiological and nutritional stress. Timed applications can stimulate plant development to achieve specific benefits in crop quality and yield.


Matrix of bioactive compounds including micronutrients, amino acids, natural chelating agents with activators for stimulating production of auxins and cytokinins in the plant.

It contains no added fertilizer and is approved for use in organic growing systems.



Toggle® fully dissolves in water and is suitable for use in liquid foliar, soil applied and irrigation water applications. It can be tank mixed with most commonly used insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and other fertilizers.

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