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Superb® HC

High Surfactant Oil Concentrate

High Surfactant Oil Concentrate

Superb® HC adjuvant is a patented, highly concentrated oil that can be used at half the rate recommended on pesticide labels for traditional crop oil concentrates (COC). Superb® HC adjuvant is part of a new class of adjuvants called high-surfactant-oil concentrates. This crop-based adjuvant contains patented CornSorb™ technology for increased pesticide uptake and performance. Because it’s used at low rates, Superb® HC adjuvant requires less handling and less storage space.

Highly Compatible In Tank Mixes

Superb® HC adjuvant is designed for use with postemergent herbicides that recommend a COC or HSOC. The excellent mixing characteristics of Superb® HC adjuvant make it compatible with a variety of tank mixes, including glyphosate and clethodim. Superb® HC adjuvant is CPDA (Chemical Producers and Distributors Association) certified, which assures product quality and reliability.

2 X 2.5-gallon jugs


Typical use rates are half the rates of conventional crop-oil concentrates, often 4 pints per 100 gallons of spray solution.

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