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Effective Season-long Control

Tundra® insecticide, with the active ingredient bifenthrin, protects a wide range of valuable crops against a broad spectrum of insects and mites. From planting to harvest, count on Tundra® insecticide for long, residual protection. Tundra® insecticide controls corn rootworm larvae, wireworms, grubs, armyworms and other key insects to complement and provide additional control beyond seed treatments.

Control a Broad Spectrum of Pests

Apply Tundra® insecticide by ground, air or chemigation. And because it's compatible with many other pesticides, liquid fertilizers, and MAX-IN® micronutrients, Tundra® insecticide provides even greater flexibility. Tundra® is a restricted-use pesticide. For improved deposition, canopy penetration and spray coverage, use InterLock® plus Preference® adjuvants.

4 x 1 Gallon Jugs


Tundra® is an effective insecticide for use at planting in field corn, seed corn and popcorn. It also complements built-in insect protection traits by controlling secondary pests at economical use rates.

Apply Tundra® insecticide in a 5- to 7-inch T-band at planting for an effective zone of control for armyworms, corn root-worm larvae (northern, southern, western), cutworms, grubs, seed corn beetle, seed corn maggot and wireworm. Tundra® insecticide is also effective for PPI and PRE applications for many of these and other insects.

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