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Protect Valuable Crops from a Wide Range of Insects

Product Use

Yuma® is a broad-spectrum organophosphate insecticide for use on a wide range of field, fruit and nut, and vegetable crops. It can be applied via ground or aerial spray or through sprinkler irrigation systems. Depending on the crop and insect, Yuma® 4E insecticide may be incorporated at preplant, applied at planting or as a pre-emergence treatment.

Yuma® insecticide may be tank mixed with a variety of herbicides and/or with non-pressurized fertilizer solutions. Timing on the target insect and weed pest must coincide for optimum efficacy.

Labeled crops

Yuma® insecticide is labeled on many field, fruit and vegetable crops, and on ornamentals, including alfalfa, asparagus, cherries, citrus trees, cotton, cranberries, field and seed corn, figs, grain sorghum, grapes, mint, nectarines, onions (dry bulb), peaches, peanuts, soybeans, strawberries, sugar beets, sunflowers, sweet corn, sweet potatoes, Christmas trees, tree fruits, tree nuts, tobacco and wheat.

Proven performance

Yuma® insecticide is an effective performer, backed by years of testing under both laboratory and field conditions. Chlorpyrifos, the active ingredient in Yuma® insecticide, controls insects primarily by contact, but also may kill target pests through ingestion. Yuma® insecticide exhibits residual activity on plant foliage and can be effective for several weeks on surfaces not exposed to direct sunlight.

Yuma® insecticide is a restricted-use pesticide with preharvest application intervals that vary by crop and rate.

Insects Controlled

Yuma® insecticide controls a wide variety of insects on most key crops, including: (chart)

Yuma® insectic ide also controls a variety of insects in vegetables, fruits, trees and other crops. Refer to the product label for application information and certain state restrictions.


Performance of many insecticides, including Yuma® insecticide, can be improved by adjuvants. For example, Preference® adjuvant helps increase spreading and provides UV protection. InterLock® and Placement® adjuvants aid deposition, distribution and canopy penetration.

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