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Seed Varieties

5789VTDoublePro® RIB Complete®

Strong stress tolerance and semi-flex ear allows for versatile acre placement, medium-tall plant with excellent stalks, roots, staygreen and test weight.

5370SmartStax® RIB Complete® [VTDoublePro® RIB Complete®]

Highly versatile corn , product moves across yield zones with excellent stalks and roots with strong test weight and drydown.

4997VTDoublePro® RIB Complete®

Tall hybrid corn with strong stalks, roots, and staygreen. Best-suited for rotated acres; manage accordingly in corn-on-corn situations.

5570VTDoublePro® RIB Complete®

Corn with excellent yield potential for Eastern and Southern environments, medium plant height and ear placement.

S5900VTDoublePro® RIB Complete®

Elite full season silage hybrid with great NDFD numbers with very good southern rust tolerance.

5290[SmartStax® RIB Complete®] [DGVTDoublePro® RIB Complete®, Conv]

High-tonnage hybrid with the DroughtGard® trait.

6926VT3P/RIB [VTDoublePro® RIB Complete®, RR]

Corn best-suited for tougher acres in the south; excellent stress tolerance. A medium-short hybrid with excellent stalks and grain quality.

6640VT3P/RIB [RR]

Medium-short hybrid with excellent stalks and girthy flex ear with wide area of adaptation due to excellent heat tolerance.

5678VTDoublePro® RIB Complete® [SmartStax® RIB Complete®]

Medium-stature plant with wide leaves and a girthy semi-flex ear.
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