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Seed Varieties

HS 42F00

Good Phytophthora Root Rot tolerance and Stem Canker Resistant; STS stack. Standability needs to be managed, avoid wide rows when possible and keep on tougher acre.

HS 48F00

Very good standability with average Sudden Death Syndrome tolerance. Widely adapted and has good stress tolerance.

HS 43C90

Consistent yield performance. Solid overall defensive package with good Sudden Death Syndrome and Stem Canker tolerance. Widely adapted and moves south very well.

HS 48E00

Good yield potential as well as bringing along the STS stack. Good standability, Sudden Death Syndrome, Stem Canker and Frogeye tolerance. Good stress tolerance which enables it to handle the tough acres

HS 44F00

Strong performing line in the south. Standability is average at best; Stem Canker Resistant and STS stack. Thrived best in Southern IL, Southern IN and Kentucky

HS 43X60

Proven performance over multiple years. Good Charcoal Rot, Sudden Death Syndrome and Phytophthora Root Rot tolerance. Quick canopy closure.

HS 46X90

Very good standability, Sudden Death Syndrome and Frogeye tolerance, Stem Canker resistance and good Phytophthora Root Rot tolerance.

HS 41F00

Very strong performance in the south. Good standability with good Phytophthora Root Rot tolerance and Stem Canker Resistant. Widely adapted line stacked with the STS stack.

HS 46F00

Beautiful looking variety with high yield potential from East to West. Tall line with good to average standability; Good Sudden Death Syndrome tolerance. Stem Canker Resistant and STS stack
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