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Precision Ag Programs

With our experienced and award-winning precision agriculture professionals by your side, you can design a custom program that best fits your business needs or choose one of our precision agriculture programs.

  • Discovery Program

    Test the waters of precision ag or continue a program when dollars are tight. A combination of soil and tissue samples will show what is happening in your fields and enable Southern States to work with you to improve performance on your farm.

  • Evaluation Program

    Our best value, this comprehensive, multi-year package of services is designed to evaluate your crop at key points throughout the growing season. Soil and tissue samples, along with satellite imagery, allows Southern States to advise you on your crops’ current conditions, find underperforming areas in your fields, and help you improve those areas’ performance.

  • Analysis Program

    The cream of the crop, this package combines the Discovery and Evaluation packages and adds compaction samples and more data to the mix. This multi-year program provides an in-depth analysis of the conditions in your fields to find out what factors are limiting yields. Southern States partners with you on this intense management program to help you make sense of the data collected, allowing you to maximize your investment and increase profit potential on every acre.

For complete details of our Precision Ag programs or a more customized precision agriculture solution, please contact your Southern States sales representative.

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