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As a farmer-owned cooperative, our success is measured by our ability to improve our customers’ business. Since 1923, farmers have trusted Southern States to provide the best products, expert advice and recommendations for the specific growing conditions unique to this area. Certified Crop Advisors provide recommendations on the right products and services to deliver agronomically sound, cost effective and environmentally responsible growing solutions to meet the individual needs of your farming operation. Plus, our certified applicators and equipment ensure that these products are applied correctly to maximize your investment.

Backed by our expert knowledge that comes from nearly 100 years of farming experience, Southern States brings together the precision agriculture resources and services you need to maximize your yield and profit. From data driven planning and management, to advanced application services utilizing the most up-to-date technology, you can trust Southern States for the best solutions that get the most from every acre.

Our Award-Winning Precision Ag Services Include:

  • Prescription and Application Mapping
  • Single and Variable Rate for Seed, Crop Protectants, Nutrients and Lime
  • R7 Tool Seed Placement and Crop Nurturing
  • Yield Mapping - Nutrient Management and Production Trends
  • Climate FieldView
  • Boundary Mapping
  • Site-Specific Soil Sampling
  • Site-Specific Tissue Sampling
  • Site-Specific Nematode Sampling
  • Imagery - Satellite and Aerial
  • Veris EC Mapping
  • Cellular RTK Access (Selected Areas)
  • As Applied Maps
  • Processing Yield Maps
  • Compaction Testing
  • Onsite / On Demand Seed Treatment
  • Scouting Options – Ground and Aerial
  • Field Application – Spreading and Spraying
  • Systems Management and Record Keeping from Planning Through Harvest

In addition to our expert recommendations, quality product and certified application services, we have a variety of financing options available. Ask your representative for our current programs.

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