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Southern States Horse Feed
Horse wearing a bridle

Southern States Horse Feed is an easy, healthy way to ensure that all your horses eat right.

  • Southern States Triple 10: A high-quality feed packed with additional fat and calories. Ideal for horses in demanding show and performance activities. (Textured)
  • Southern States Solution: A high-fat pelleted feed formulated to be the ONE solution for horses of all life stages and activity levels. (Pelleted)
  • Southern States 14-Six: A high-fat textured feed designed for growing horses, breeding and lactating mares, breeding stallions, and mature show and performance horses. (Textured)
  • Southern States 11-Six: A high-fat feed that provides balanced nutrition to mature work, show and performance horses. (Textured and Pelleted)
  • Southern States Reliance®: A nutritious basic feed formulated for mature horses without special needs. (Textured and Pelleted)
  • Southern States Hay Stretcher: A nutritious feed supplemented with additional fiber. Ideal for horses that lack ready access to hay or pasture. (Pelleted)
  • Southern States All Grain: An extremely palatable textured feed without any pellets. Formulated with no wheat products. (Textured)
  • Learn more about Southern States Horse Feeds in our online catalog.

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