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Welcome to our Home-How-To page. This page is chock full of articles, tips, and advice on caring for your homestead. Need tips for saving money on home heating fuel in the winter? Want to learn canning tips for your home garden? Interested in finding more southern cooking recipes? Our in-house team of experts provides tips for DIY (do-it-yourself) projects all year round, including holiday and season-specific ideas for your home.

At Southern States, we understand that life on the farm is about more than just the outdoors; it also means transforming the fruits of your labor into added value for your home. Here on our Home How-To page, you'll find healthy recipes to make the best jams and pies with your fresh fruit, find the right canning supplies for your needs in our Home Canning Series, and receive DIY guidance for homesteading life in the country. We know your home projects change with each season, so check back at our Home How-To page for seasonal advice and up-to-date home care specifics.

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