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Pet How To Articles

Pet How-To

Welcome to our Pet How-To page, where you'll find all the information you need to keep your family pets healthy and happy. Whether you have dogs, cats, small animals or all of the above, Southern States appreciates the time and attention required to train and care for your beloved pets. That's why we've tapped our pet experts to compile a collection of articles that address topics ranging from cat-proofing your house, to traveling with your dog, to caring for your dogs or cats during their senior years.

Living with a pet on a farm sometimes requires special considerations, such as flea and tick control and knowing the difference between brown dog ticks, deer ticks, and dog ticks. If you hunt, understanding how to train your hunting dog can pay dividends when the time comes to take her out in the field. As a trusted partner for animal lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, Southern States is happy to provide you with a portal of articles, tips, and guidance to make caring for your pet as rewarding as possible. Find the latest tips on puppy training, selecting the right cat and dog food, and general pet care advice. Check back often as your dog or cat grows; we update our Pet How-To page often to give you the most up-to-date information.

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